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Who We Are

We Seline Maldives are a leading provider of concierge and ship agency services in the Maldives. We also provide ship and yacht services to help the clients to regularly surpassing their demanding performance goals within no time. We have experts in handling paper works that are related to all the ship agency clearances. Our team helps the clients to convert their plans into actions in their marine operations within the Maldivian regions. We also provide provisions to the ships and yacht who anchor in our seas to ensure perfect hospitality of all those who are in the ships. Moreover, we cruise all through the whole of the Maldives in par quintessential due to our high quality services. Our efficient services help the clients in all the possible ways we could with our latest integrated technologies. Our company has always to be a successful transportation of their goods, marine equipment and other accessories from one place to another. We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who ensures the services are provided at the level best to achieve the customer satisfaction to the fullest.

What We Do

Ship & Yacht Agency

We are one of leading ship and yacht agency services providers in Maldives. Our agency services include Superyachts, Cargo Ships, Cruise ships Break Bulk Vessels, Salvage Vessels, Research Vessels,Military ships and Small yachts

Travel Facilitation

We extend professional support to those who bring and hand over unprecedented growth in their business worldwide facilitating their travel arrangements and reservations with all the necessary supplies at the best quality with a Maldivian trend.

Fuel Bunkering

We provide Marine Fuel bunkering service in Maldives with numerous bunkering options. Our supply includes bunker fuel in various grades of duty free diesel, petrol, and lubricants.

Provisions Supply

We do supply wide range of fresh, dry, frozen and packed provisions for international vessels with Multinational Crews. Our Provisions supply team is specially dedicated in the higher quality of the supply.

What Make Us Unique?

Customer Alignment

Reaching the customer satisfaction to the fullest is our motto in all the services we offer. We have innovative strategies with state of the art technologies to ensure the customers are served at the best of our service. We strongly believe that only the customer centric service can make anyone sustained within the marine industry in Maldives. Our strategies meet the best satisfactory level of all the international clientele and their professional representatives from ships to yachts.


We have a corporate integrity that positively influences in all our operational activities to ensure the honesty, transparency, dedication and confidentiality in the supplies. This also helps us to pitch in the Maldives Marne Sector as a one of loyal port agent services provider in the entire Maldives region.


We are always confident in the new technology that can improve the services to the tremendous outcome in ship and yacht agency Industry. From initial communication to final feedback, we use the latest technologies integrated within our systems to ensure the quality of service. We are no hesitant to adapt into new technologies in all our supplies.

Health, Safety and Environment

Since the regulatory requirements in Marine industry are tougher than any other, we do comply with all the Health and Safety regulations and laws to ensure the safety of all the stakeholders and connected parties.


Our sustainable strategies in the quality measures help us to achieve leading positions in the industry with our quality of supplies. We ensure the supply is at the best quality to attract the clients and future clients.


Apart from the business, we have trained all our staff to treat our clients from all over the world with a great hospitality of Maldives, which is a part of Maldivian custom. We ensure the clients feel the homely hospitality with all our services.

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  • Email: info@selinemaldives.com